RE.cycle, RE.use, RE.duce – and social responsibility

who we are?

Created on base premisses of circular economy – RE.cycle, RE.use, RE.duce, we are a brand Planet and People’s friend. provides an eco and sociallly responsible solution that enhances collective awareness for the need to change consumption habits, via social inclusion, and by valuing existing resources.

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our impact

When buying products you are contributing to the financial and social sustainability of many institutions and associations because our products are completely made by them, developing their creative skills and increasing their self-esteem, as well as getting paid for their work.


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Kilograms of recycled fabric
social partners
Paid to social partners
tribe members

Now that you know why we are a unique and inclusive brand, shall we make a difference together?

why products?


Pays up to €2,5 per each made-up product to the social partners involved


All its components are eco-friendly


Stimulates the creative skills of those who make the product, making it truly unique


Made in portugal, with love!

How can I become a social partner?

Our community of social partners needs you!

When producing our products you are contributing to the financial sustainability of your Institution/Association and to the social inclusion its users too.

Let’s work together?

Partners who believe in our project