CD André Viamonte - Album MONTE

Made with reused fabrics from portuguese textile industry. Handmade with love, in Portugal .
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Album Monte. Songs:
  • Beyond Constellation feat. Coimbra Gospel Choir
  • 7 Heavens
  • Imprinted Love
  • White Time
  • Adamant
  • Wilde Moniz Syndrome
  • Flammarion feat. Ashwinder Nippy
  • Innocent Rebel
  • Deadfall feat. B-Leza
  • Fixed Stars
  • Gentle Dawn I feat. Beatriz Nunes
  • Leda Madrugada II
  • Mnemosine feat. Eunice Muñoz

Printed label with water ink on an 100% organic cotton fabric + brand label made from recycled polyester yarns + bag straps made of 100% organic cotton fabric.

Made-up by Institutions and/or Social Associations which are paid for their work.

Concept label printed on handmade paper made from cotton waste and plant seeds. Made in Portugal and can be planted.

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