A bag for a cause

re.store is a brand with a purpose which intends to change many small worlds, through inclusion.


The “bag for a cause” initiative aims help social causes with a specific purpose which, through the sales of our products, may contribute financial and emotionally towards the solution of a duly validated social need.

SIC Esperança

solidarity bag

SIC Esperança is a social Solidarity Private Institution, whose main goal is to make citizens aware of the social problems in Portugal and contribute to solve them.

find out more : www.sicesperanca.pt

In december 2020, SIC Esperança, together with re.store, created the “SIC Esperança  solidarity bag by re.store”. When buying it you will be contributing to the institution or association which made it and also contributing to a finantial fund designed by SIC Esperança to help Solidarity Private Institution’s projects intended to fight the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volunteer Firefighters of Amares

The Volunteers Firefighters of Amares is a institution which has served its community for more than 100 years. Since 1909, they have been proudly practicing the motto of “life for life”.


In december 2020, re.store and Quelha Branca (both local companies) created the Solidarity Christmas Basket to help the Volunteer Firefighters of Amares. When buying it you will be paying the institution or association which made the plush bag, and consuming local and biological products from Amares.

Find out more: www.bvamares.pt

Besides, you will also be contributing financially with €2.00 to help the Volunteers Firefighters of Amares.

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